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On 11th of June our lovely girl Luna gave birth to 10 wonderful, vocal and healthy pups, 3 girls + 7 boys! The delivery went smooth and easy and Luna really did an amazing job. All puppies are doing fine, drinking good and already gaining some weight.
O litter od Semberije- beauty, health, brains, energy and top character combined. Check our litters page: https://www.odsemberije.com/our-white-swiss-shepherd-puppies/

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Love, passion and devotion

The answer to this question is easy to give- once you meet a White Swiss Shepherd, you will immediately fall in love with them, once and for good!

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“Knowledge, passion, devotion spiced with endless love for this wonderful breed ”

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Endless love and responsibility

This section, probably the most interesting to read, we’ll give extra attention and space trying to give you the best possible insight in our breeding and to answer all questions one might have when it comes to raising our litters. However, may there appear some question we haven’t given an answer to or you may need more information, please feel free to contact us!

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