We are a family of three huge dog lovers. Our dogs are our precious family members with whom we harmoniously and to our utmost joy share lives 24/7. They are those whose needs come as first, always and forever, even when it means putting our own needs, social life and professional engagement aside for a while. We wouldn’t call breeding and sharing our lives with our dogs a hobby, it is a choice and our LIFESTYLE! Our dogs are us and make us what we actually are!

Besides our regular jobs, we also own a small coffee bar in the middle of the city where we live, which is also the first pet friendly bar in our city, a place where both people and their fur friends are more than welcome to enjoy their drinks and some delicious snacks as well. And there is this small yet very strict house rule-  if you visit us with your dog, keep in mind that your dog will be served as first! 

“Od Semberije” kennel was officially registered in Federation Cynologique Internationale FCI on 13th February 1987. under the number 2175/87. Kennel’s name is translated as “of/from Semberije” as Semberija is the name of geographical region where we live, situated between two rivers Drina and Sava and Majevica mountain.

berger blanc suisse - white swiss shepherd

OUR FIRST BEAU(TIFUL) White swiss shepherd (berger blanc suisse)

Our interest in this fantastic breed started back in 2010. Over the years we have been learning about them, read and heard only but positive experiences. It all sounded too good to be true, but once we had one home we realized that it is even beyond than what we have expected. A dog that is a dream come true!

In 2012. our lives became richer when we, full with excitement, warmly welcomed our first White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) in our home, our heart girl Beau Beau. Everything we knew about a breed and all we learnt before actually having one White in our home, proved to be even truer and more intense once she came to live with us. We feel so blessed to have this girl, to be able to share and enjoy life with her, now in an enlarged pack of healthy, beautiful and happy White Swiss Shepherds (Berger Blanc Suisse). The excitement we felt the first day we started to share life with a White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) is still the same and even growing bigger as all those years we keep getting to know them better and better with each and every day. Beau Beau taught us so many things, she changed us for the better, a dog that put a significant mark on our lives and on what we are! So, we might have been crazy about them back then, but now we’re three absolutely addicted and incurable dog persons whose hearts beats keep repeating- White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse)!

berger blanc suisse - white swiss shepherd


Striving for excellence!

In spite of a 30 years long “sharing life with dogs” tradition and a profound breeding experience, which was mainly focused on another breed though, for the last few years we are in the beautiful world of White Swiss Shepherds (Berger Blanc Suisse). The process of learning is a never ending story and even though we have a sound foundation made of knowledge mixed with experience, we are always open to learn more.

From the very first moment when we entered the world of breeding, back in ‘80s, we took a strict stand and set our standards extremely high- breeding and raising of functionally healthy, well-tempered and stable character puppies with a conformation according the breed standard. Except for the beauty, we want to breed dogs that will have a long, healthy and happy life!

There are several important guidelines we follow on a way to achieve excellence!

  • All our dogs are x-rayed for hips (HD) and elbows (ED) dysplasia- all free, HD A, ED 0
  • All our dogs are tested to DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)- all free (N/N)- not carriers, not affected
  • All our dogs are tested to MDR (Multiple Drug Resistance)- all free (N/N)- not carriers, not affected
  • All females used in breeding have to be at least 24 months old
  • All dogs used in breeding must have taken part at one of the dog shows organized by FCI and have been assessed by an FCI judge and preferably in possession of at least one National Champion title

Beside necessary health tests, all our dogs have other up-to-date health checks done (vaccinations, de-worming, rabies), excellent living conditions, get carefully selected and prepared food (primarily based on fresh meat), enough space for daily activities and active as they are, they’re  being regularly positively mentally and physically stimulated by going for a walks, experiencing new situations, meeting new people and dogs, training or simply by motivating ways of playing, brain games etc.

We believe that by fulfilling of all these conditions, where at the same time several aspects have been taken into account, we are on a path to have and to breed fantastic life companions, White Swiss Shepherds (Berger Blanc Suisse)!

berger blanc suisse - white swiss shepherd

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