Love, passion and devotion

The answer to this question is easy to give- once you meet a White Swiss Shepherd, you will immediately fall in love with them, once and for good!

It would take hours trying to explain the passion for this breed and how it is almost impossible not to fall in love with them, but the main things that make you absolutely crazy about them is their extreme gentleness, intelligence, loyalty and devotion to all family members. White Swiss Shepherds are friendly, active, extremely smart, easy trainable, cheerful and well-balanced character dogs. They are self confident, alert and good guards. As for any other shepherd breed, they need sufficient daily activity, have a huge will to please, like to learn tricks, commands, anything that’ll make their owners happy.

Over the years White Swiss Shepherds have been showing amazing working capacity and have been successfully competing in some serious dog sports. Lately there is also a growing trend of White Swiss Shepherds being used as therapy/rescue dogs, where they have already proved their ability to fulfill these quiet demanding tasks. White Swiss Shepherd represents an ideal match of beauty, brains and character with a huge potential to be not only a wonderful, loving and caring family companion for all family members but also to work and help.

Few dogs from our breeding are doing tracking, obedience, herding, rally obedience and some are being prepared for some serious future work career.

So all these character features combined with their beauty, snow white coat, impressive head, dark pigmentation, perfect movement and overall extremely elegant appearance make you think that there is nothing more one can wish for, and there isn’t! White Swiss Shepherds are simply- perfect!


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